Partner With Us Noor, Inc. is always open to individual and joint ventures. Are you an ambitious recruiter, looking for a chance to challenge yourself and learn from industry experts, without losing your own vision? Or are you an organization, eager to magnify your presence by growing vertically to encompass a full range of professional services? Partner with Noor, Inc. and have your ambitions actualized. >> Our Strategy Noor, Inc.’s investment approach places emphasis on building mutually beneficial partnerships and producing enduring results. Noor, Inc. strives, with our collaborators, to find value across geography and sectors; to develop financially sound and feasible strategies for implementation; and to energize our teams to sustain success and increased growth. Find out how our proven investment strategy can work for you. >> Our Companies Noor, Inc. holds companies such as SearchPoint and GHG. As a successful staffing company across all sectors, SearchPoint inspired the creation of Noor, Inc. GHG was the first such acquisition and we are actively working to expand its line of medical professional services. We are always looking for new companies to partner with. >>
Noor, Inc. is a holding company within the staffing industry, across all sectors, from health care and telecommunications to food & beverage, and human resources. Noor, Inc. empowers recruiters and companies alike to maximize their growth potential and net worth by providing top-notch expertise. Noor, Inc. works passionately with its partners towards finding value across boundaries and developing practical yet challenging strategies for betterment.
The atmosphere within Noor, Inc. is one that celebrates joint accomplishments, but encourages individual ventures. Measured aggressiveness and natural growth are hallmarks of the Noor, Inc. approach. Equally important are complimentary values such as, humility, loyalty, sincerity, integrity, and a familial feel that the firm fiercely upholds for creating personal and professional happiness.

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