Payroll Services

Payroll Services

As a payroll services provider, Noor can help our clients focus on their core business, lessen the administrative burden, improve payroll practices and reduce employer costs. We leverage our experience in working with tax authorities on the federal, state and local levels and are current with all regulations governing payroll administration.

Noor has the system and capabilities to assume responsibility for the following payroll related services as part of our business offerings:

Electronic Payroll Reports

Electronic reporting is available right at our fingertips with our highly customizable system

Payroll Debit Cards

Payroll payments can be made via payroll debit card

Withholdings, Deductions, Tracking and Reporting

Deductions such as loan repayments, garnishments, health insurance, 401k deductions, union fees and more can be set on an automated schedule with regular automated and ad hoc reporting on a macro or micro level


Strict compliance procedures in place with regular audits

Direct Deposit

A convenient means of paying employees, our weekly payroll and direct deposit process is seamless and allows for ease of bank reconciliation at month end

Comprehensive Tax Service

Federal, state and local tax regulations are constantly changing; our staff stays current on these regulations to avoid tax penalties and interest on late or non-compliant payments. Payroll tax returns are automatically filed and tax obligations are deposited to the appropriate agencies

Paid Time Off Accrual and Tracking

Track and accumulate vacation, personal and sick time for your employees; NYC (New York City) sick time compliant

Employee and Client Self Service

Our system features an employee portal and client portal for self-service updates and information submittal or request

Paper Check Processing

For retro check payments, vendor payments and other payment processing that cannot be done via electronic payment (including full check stuffing and signing service)


Comprehensive policies with top tier carriers, including Unemployment and Worker’s Compensation coverage

General Ledger

Provide general ledger journal entry to record payroll batches into accounting software via Excel or compatible program with the MUNIS system, detailed with employee information

Custom Reporting

The flexibility of our system allows us to provide automated and ad hoc reports in accordance with specific client requests

Workforce support services

In addition to full-service payroll solutions, our ancillary workforce support and onboarding services include:

Online data capturing, including electronic application and resume upload

Online onboarding with I-9 compliant processes, eVerify and high-volume capacity

Comprehensive background checks

EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity ) data reporting

Online training offerings and pre-employment testing

Ability to handle large payroll transfer and onboarding volume

Electronic time management system

Voluntary benefits including ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant health care packages

Fully electronic reporting in real time

Electronic invoicing