Investment Stategy

The nationwide mission of Noor, Inc. is two-fold. On a micro-level, the company employs recruiters to form a creative yet independence-driven environment, where professionals are allowed to pursue their own ventures while benefiting from our guidance and industry expertise. Solo specialists are not required to relocate to our New York headquarters and are further encouraged to tackle their own ventures. However, by entering under the Noor, Inc. umbrella, our recruiters are guaranteed support and guidance by our team of industry experts.

On a much larger scale, for organizations, the investment strategy employed by Noor, Inc. is essentially a three- step process:

1. Ascertaining the best investment sectors worth pursuing
2. Aggressively leveraging extensive industry knowledge for acquisition of attractive investment opportunities
3. Actively working with partner management teams to organically stimulate their company’s worth further to its highest potential

The expansion of our partner companies usually entails merging the assets and/or accounts of sub-companies and programs in order to bolster the parent company. To further strengthen our partner’s foothold in their respective field, Noor, Inc. works diligently to pinpoint and attain related businesses and/or services.

This hallmark strategy is precisely what Noor, Inc. employs in furthering the potential of its partner companies and recruiters, across all sectors. Our pursuit of subsidiary collaborators is also a nation and industry-wide effort, surpassing the boundaries of New York and transverses a wide range of fields, from human resources and health care to IT and law.