The Pros of Contract Employment

Some people prefer finding one good employer and settling into a stable lifetime career. Others, however, want the flexibility of contract employment.

If you’re trying to figure out the pros of contract employment, you’ve come to the right place. Read on.

Control over your schedule

Any contract worker can tell you that the best thing about contract employment is the feeling of control they get over their own schedule. They have more time to focus on other things in life. This includes more time for family, friends, running their own business, etc. For many contract employees, freedom means spending time as they choose.

Many people need to have a routine and fixed hours as a form of motivation. These people like having “the working hours” and “the not working hours”, and keeping them in separate blocks of time. This is a personality type that isn’t suited to contract work.

If, however, you are motivated by completing goals, tasks, and projects regardless of “the working hours”, you might prefer contract work. With contract work, you control the schedule. The employer just sets the goals and projects you need to complete.

Another positive thing about contract employment is the vacation time. When you’re a contract employee, you choose the duration of your vacation. You’re not restricted to just one or two-week vacations. The moment your contract is up, you are “free”. You can use this time between contracts to travel. You’re the one who decides when you want to seek or accept your next contract.

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No time for boredom to creep in

Many people get easily bored when they do the same job for extended periods of time. After a while, it gets mundane and perhaps even depressive. If you’re the kind of person that prefers changes to stability, you might be better suited to contract employment.

In fact, contract employment is the perfect solution here. You’ll keep on moving around and take on new challenges. You’ll also constantly meet new people, build up new skill sets, and expand your horizons.

Some people even choose to try completely different industries every time they take on a new contract.

Continuous growth

When a person is constantly doing the same tasks, over time they stagnate as there’s a clear lack of growth. Working on different projects with different people is a great opportunity for personal growth. You can choose the kinds of projects that help you develop the skills you want and need.

Contract employment also forces you to get better at time management. When you’re the one in charge of your schedule, you are tasked with learning how to better balance your own life. You’ll find this is a valuable life skill that will help you in the long run.

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Less competition

One of the best advantages of working as a contract employee is the lack of competition or hostility. When the other employees know that you’re not a full-time employee, they do not see you as competition. In fact, they see you as an external helper who’s there to make things easier for them.

Once you’re in such an environment, your working life will feel much less stressful. Also, your co-workers will be much more pleasant towards you. There will be no pressure and you’ll see exactly how good you are at a certain job. You’ll become more confident and learn new things about yourself.

Bigger paycheck

Some people associate contract employment with a smaller paycheck. But, that’s not always the case. Contract employment gives you the freedom of earning as much as you want. If you work part-time, you will have time for another job or extra freelancing. Another benefit of contract employment is the ability to manage your own earnings and taxes.

Contract employees don’t get the same corporate benefits as non-contract employees. They don’t get group health insurance plans or paid days off. Yet, if you make the calculations, you’ll see that individual health insurance is not that expensive.

In many cases, you can still get a bigger paycheck as a contract employee than as a staff employee, even if you pay your own health insurance.

In many industries, contract workers will decline full-time and on-staff positions because of the money. Specifically, in some types of engineering, contract workers make twice as much as on-staff engineers. For a person with no responsibilities (family to support or mortgages to pay), this is clearly the better option.

Also, contract workers get financial rewards if the employer is satisfied. That is not the case with staff employees because they get a fixed salary. Unlike staff employees, contract employees are paid for every hour that they work. Staff workers sometimes get tricked or guilted into working more than the 40 hours they’re paid for.

Avoidance of all office politics and annual reviews

Contract work doesn’t require engagement in office drama, annual reviews, and staff meetings. You can focus on your work, finish it as soon as possible, and do whatever you want for the rest of your day. You don’t have to attend most of those boring 3-hour long staff meetings.

Many contract workers feel very liberated because they don’t have to deal with nonsense such as office politics. Their stress levels are much lower than those of staff employees. It’s up to you how successful or unsuccessful you want to be. No one else will put pressure on you. In a way, it makes work much more enjoyable.

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Ability to last longer

Nowadays, no job is certain. So, being a contract worker is not much different than being a staff employee. People get fired every day. However, if you become an experienced contract worker, you will have developed some great new survival skills. It will be easier for you to stay imminently employable, nimble and relevant.

Contract employment shouldn’t scare you. Many people have spent as much as 30-40 years as contract workers without ever being laid off. Being a contract employee, it is much easier to find new work or upgrade your earnings if you so choose. A staff employee might find it hard to know what to do after they lose their permanent job. Many permanent employees stay in jobs they hate because they dread the process of finding another “permanent job”.

Don’t let the word “permanent” mislead you, though. Job security is not really guaranteed with staff positions. Don’t let that assumption keep you from trying contract employment if it suits your personality.

Contract employment always keeps you busy with personal growth and on the lookout for better opportunities. Once you get into contract employment, you’ll see that many new positions and opportunities are waiting for you. You won’t feel the need to learn how to look for a job because looking for work will become very natural and easy for you.

Where do you find the best contract employment?

If you’re starting your search for contract employment, Noor can help you. Whether you decide to look for contract work or a permanent job, it is always easier with the help of a professional staffing agency. By working with us, you’re a giant step closer to getting that job you’ve always wanted. Most of our partners are big, successful companies that offer lots of opportunities. Submit your resume on our website and let us find the perfect job for you.